Business Applications

Designed to meet the needs of complex and simple projects.

Whether it's a sophisticated marketing asset management, web-to-print storefront or a straight-forward company store, do it better, faster, and leaner with Propago.

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Provide access to static or variable data print templates that can be personalized using your own data sources such as locations, services or prices.

Our powerful and intuitive web-to-print engine handles everything from simple business cards to customizable flyers with controls to maintain strict business rules and brand compliance.

Brand management

For those looking to manage and distribute marketing assets while keeping total control over the brand.

Those in charge of promoting the brand can quickly access, personalize, and order marketing materials. The company controls exactly what brand elements users can modify.

Company swag store

For those that need to give employees access to company apparel, swag, and other promotional assets while enforcing rules.

Organizations can easily create company stores and upload products such as apparel and promo using different display configurations. Organizations can also implement rules such as product access rights, spending limits, store credits, approvals and much more.

Employee appreciation

For those looking to increase employee performance and retention via employee appreciation stores.

Propago makes it easy to create online storefronts for employee gifting and rewards programs. Organizations control what funds employees receive and what products they can see.

Tradeshow materials management

For those that exhibit at trade shows and need to provide access to promotional assets as well as manage inventory.

Employees, distributors or resellers can reserve and order what they need for a tradeshow all at once. This includes corporate-owned assets such as monitors, booth tables, and banners. Once the event is over, the employees send the assets back to the warehouse and the system makes those items available again.

Direct mail

For those looking to distribute static or custom print materials to direct mail lists.

With Propago, employees across multiple locations can quickly access the latest corporate-approved creative, personalize the assets, and send them out to direct mailing lists. Those distribution lists can be either pre-approved corporate lists, user uploaded lists, or ad-hoc lists purchased using Propago's mailing list provider integrations.

Legal compliance

For those in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and real estate that need to ensure legal compliance.

Control what legal and compliance disclaimers users can modify. With Propago, you can grant access to marketing materials while maintaining control over what creative aspects users can interact with. Utilize approval workflows to ensure that all orders, or select ones, are approved before moving forward to production.

Promo codes & store credit

For those that want participants to pay for orders using promo codes and not currency.

Store funds can be used to give new employees a set amount of credit towards purchasing company materials and apparel. You can also give groups of users a set amount of funds that replenishes every quarter and can only be applied to certain types of products. Clients can also reward employees with promo codes that can be redeemed whenever they choose.

Public pop-up stores

Create limited-time online stores for specific projects like school spirit programs, fundraisers, seasonal events and more.

Organizational members and others can access the stores using a secret passcode. You have total visibility on who accessed the site and what they ordered.