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Bring disconnected marketing systems into a single centralized platform where you control who gets access and you control where production goes.

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Make Your Marketing Assets Accessible

Do you wish you had a centralized web portal where sales representatives, marketing teams, employees and other partners can easily find and order the marketing products they need? Well you are in luck, Propago is a Marketing Management Platform that allows you to bring print, digital and promotional products all under a single platform.

Provide your team with the marketing tools they need to inform prospects about your products' benefits and features. Promote your brand at tradeshows, conventions and other events using trendy promotional products. Allow your employees access to digital files from a centralized repository. Enable locations to order promotional signage on time for the next season. Or simply make your team look good in the next sales presentation wearing the right corporate apparel.

Whatever your marketing intentions are, Propago makes it easy to get your marketing products in the right hands, in front of the right customers, at the right time.

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Flexibility to Choose Your Manufacturers and Vendors

Our highly configurable marketing portals are just the tip of the iceberg, Propago’s real power lies on its ability to streamline production and fulfillment of your marketing products, using the vendors of your choice. Setting up producers or fulfillment partners only a takes few minutes, and you can set up as many as you need.

Best of all, you are in complete control of your marketing portal. Switch vendors when you choose. Add vendors when you choose. Redirect spending when you choose.

Controlling Your Brand, Budget, and Inventory

Whether you are a global company with thousands of representatives spread around the world or a smaller company with a national footprint, the ability to provide your team with the marketing materials they need while keeping your brand, budget and inventory under control is crucial to your success.

Propago allows you to control what products your users can access, what content they can modify and how much/often they can place orders.

You control which orders need approval. You control how much can be spent. You control who can order what. Essentially with Propago, you can take back control.

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Track Your Marketing Demand Through Reporting

Some products simply work better than others. Having centralized access to your data is more important today than it ever was. Juggling different report formats from different vendors puts your focus on building spreadsheets instead of marketing.

Propago's powerful visual, standard and ad-hoc reporting options give you a complete view of your data in a single location (regardless of the producer).

Not to be forgotten, having access to a powerful centralized reporting engine will help you make smarter purchasing decisions. You can easily determine if something should be produced on demand or purchased in higher quantities to reduce the unit costs.

Consolidate Unconnected Systems into a Single Platform

Host all of your marketing products under a single marketing management portal while streamlining production and fulfillment. Improve your customers experience by providing a single storefront experience for everything. End your reliance on vendor platforms that can hamper future negotiations.

Put your marketing products to work, know what works best, control every aspect of production, and assign granular user rights with a cloud platform that is easy to set up, and requires no installation or maintenance.

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Propago’s marketing portals ensure all of your marketing assets are available 24x7 to those in charge of promoting your brand.

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