The Propago Platform

Propago enables print producers, promo distributors and marketers to better manage, personalize, produce, and distribute marketing assets.

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Marketing Storefronts

Marketing storefronts designed to support the entire marketing supply chain.

Create branded storefronts that support marketing products of any kind - print, promo, apparel, digital. Bring it all under one intuitive portal that can be accessed anywhere.

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online storefront marketing solution
web-to-print solution
Web-to-print engine

Intelligent web-to-print engine that simplifies personalization and ensures brand compliance.

Streamline the process of ordering printed products from personalization to delivery. Automatic population of user information means employees can personalize creative with a single click.

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Business rules & workflows

Smart brand, budget, and inventory controls.

Control every aspect of the user experience, which products they can view, the pricing they see, how much they can order and what creative elements they can modify.

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storefront user controls
supply chain management
Warehouse management system (WMS)

Manage products, inventory, and orders throughout their life cycle.

Streamline and coordinate all aspects of operations, including production, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and distribution. Connect third-party vendors and drop shippers under one seamless system.

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Reports and dashboards

Visibility on every order, user and product.

Pull and schedule standard and custom reports to gain granular insight into user activity, product demand, order statuses and inventory levels.

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propago marketing storefront dashboards
Digital asset management

Manage and distribute digital assets the easy way.

Bring all your digital assets under a single platform and allow users to convert, share, and download the files they need. Control viewing and editing rights and track asset usage.

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