Business Rules & Workflows

Smart brand, budget, and inventory controls.

Control who can see what products, what they can customize and set payment methods and spending limits per user.

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storefront user controls

Smart workflows and controls.

Provide those in charge of promoting your brand with access to the right marketing assets without worrying about brand compliance, inventory, your budget, or the backend supply chain.

Core features

  • Control who sees what products
  • Show or hide pricing
  • Designate approving managers
  • Enforce order and spending limits
  • Assign payment methods - CC, PO, bill-me-later

Brand compliance

Branding controls allow you to lock-down creative elements such as logos, taglines, images and text so branding is always consistent across different marketing channels.

Budget management

Configure budget controls to manage spending more effectively. Spending limits can be set either by user, user-group, product, or combinations of them all.

Approval workflows

Build approvals hierarchies to make sure users are only ordering what is allowed. Each user in the system can be assigned a mix of approving level requirements.

Launch marketing storefronts in record time

Whether it's a sophisticated web-to-print store with complex business requirements or a straightforward employee promo/apparel store, our platform makes it easy and quick.

Plans start at $449 per month

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