Why Propago

Intelligent solution, backed by great support and pricing plans.

Whether you are a print producer, promotional & apparel provider, marketing agency, or brand, Propago is the last platform you need for marketing asset management and distribution.

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Enterprise fit

Propago leads the pack when it comes to supporting the complex and varied needs of large enterprise clients.

Propago is a B2B-focused platform, designed to meet the requirements of national and global businesses with many locations and high order volumes.

Our platform gives clients the ability to enforce strict brand compliance, detailed business rules, approval hierarchies, and granular user controls. Protect the brand, budget and inventory, at scale.

Easy migration

Our onboarding programs are designed to get your team confident and ready to hit the ground running.

Many of our customers come to us from another web-to-print solution, whether it be a homegrown system or a legacy solution. Because of this, we take great effort to make the migration process easier.

Plus, we have a suite of bulk import tools so that no matter how much data you have (SKUs, users, addresses), you can make the switch without hassle.

Partnership approach

We prioritize being a true partner, not just another faceless software vendor.

Say goodbye to getting lost in a sea of support tickets. Propago’s support team is responsive, experienced, U.S.-based, and always ready to help. We work to ensure you always have the knowledge, answers, and tools you need to get the most out of the Propago Platform for you and your clients.

Plus, with optional Enhanced Support, you can let us handle the setup and maintenance of all your portals so you can concentrate on your core business.

Integrations and API

We offer standard integrations with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment, Tax, Marketing, Shipping and other software providers to automate more touchpoints for you.

Integrating your web-to-print solution with your other business software is crucial for boosting internal efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings within your operations. That’s why we have created built-in standard integrations with many of the most popular enterprise systems in the industry.

We also support API access and custom integrations to fit all your automation needs.

Regular code updates

Propago is not a static product but a constantly evolving platform that adapts with changing market demands and the feedback of our customers.

In a market that’s always changing, it’s more important than ever for print providers and marketers to utilize technology that can respond to changing needs.

By listening to our current customers and constantly working on new additions and enhancements to the platform, Proapgo stays at the cutting-edge of web-to-print.

We deploy updates weekly, ranging from simple enhancements to major new features.

Competitive pricing

We structured our monthly plans to grow with your growth, at competitively low prices. Also, no contracts, we believe we must earn your business.

At Propago, we believe our success comes directly from our customers' success. Our pricing model is structured by order volume, so our growth is tied directly to your growth and usage of the platform, with no contracts or hidden fees.

With plans starting as low as $449 a month, Propago is priced competitively so you can offer your clients all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

Trusted by leading companies

Propago has been the trusted partner of many leading commercial printers and enterprise-scale brands for years.

Renowned for its reliability and user-centric design, Propago is the platform that delivers sustainable success with a team behind it dedicated to true partnership for the long-term.

Providing a secure environment is key for enterprises. The Propago team, from development and network administrators to quality assurance and database management, is constantly focused on ensuring the security of our clients.

With a proven track record of success and a commitment to continuous innovation, Propago empowers its clients to achieve their marketing goals with confidence and ease.

Experienced and seasoned

For over a decade, Propago has been helping printers and brands manage marketing asset distribution and continually improving along the way.

Over the years, Propago has grown based on our clients’ feedback, requirements and challenges. We grow as our clients succeed and we learn from our clients' input. Most features come from collaboration with our clients and partners. As we have grown, we stay focused on serving our customers' needs and everyone is entrusted with that core responsibility. How we collaborate is as important as the products we develop.

Built by printers

Propago was originally developed within a large commercial printing conglomerate as an application to serve clients and support backend operations back in 2001.

Born as a simple and straightforward solution to simplify and streamline the company’s production and fulfillment processes, Propago gradually matured over the years to become a comprehensive Marketing Management and Fulfillment Platform.

In 2015, the team responsible for building and maintaining the Propago platform was given the opportunity to form a stand-alone organization. We will always value the 14 years of real-world experience the platform has gained from our years within a larger organization and many of the original companies continue to be our clients today.