Marketing Storefronts + Web-to-Print + Fulfillment

Marketing asset management solution for clients' diverse needs.

  • Improve client retention with a sticky platform
  • Protect your clients' brand, budget and inventory
  • Streamline the marketing supply chain
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Support more business applications and win more of your clients' marketing spend

Whether your clients need a sophisticated marketing asset management solution or a simple company store, our solution makes it easy to scale marketing/promotional efforts while keeping total control over the brand, budget and inventory.

Our marketing asset management solution empowers marketing agencies to support their clients with complex marketing and business requirements.

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Best for complex, long-term opportunities

  • Marketing asset management and distribution
  • Web-to-print
  • Corporate store

Great for simple, short-term opportunities

  • Employee appreciation
  • Trade shows and promotional events
  • Fundraisers & team spirit
  • Holiday gifting
storefront user controls

Online stores configured for each of your clients

Effortlessly build online stores for your clients that support complex business rules and brand controls requirements.

Connect multiple vendors and carriers to the platform and streamline order fulfillment and delivery for your clients.

  • Consolidate all marketing products on one platform
  • Simplify personalization and ordering marketing assets
  • Maintain brand integrity
  • Control the brand, budget and inventory
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Intelligent web-to-print engine for easy personalization and brand compliance.

Amaze your clients with an intuitive web-to-print experience that makes it easy to personalize and order print assets while giving your clients total control over the brand.

Our web-to-print engine leverages data in a smart way to speed up and simplify every step of the process. This includes auto-population of user information, the ability to proof on the fly, and robust order approval workflows.

  • Support JIT, VDP, POD, upload, direct mail products
  • Auto-populate products with user information
  • Map any data such as locations and services to creative
  • Download digital proofs instantaneously
  • Control what creative elements can be edited
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storefront user controls
propago marketing storefront dashboards

Connect producers and vendors and automate fulfillment and production

Streamline the fulfillment of orders generated from client stores with Propago’s built-in fulfillment engine.

Stay in control of the supply chain by connecting vendors to the platform you prefer. Setting up producers or fulfillment partners only a takes few minutes, and you can set up as many as you need.

  • Handle programs with high order volumes
  • Connect multiple suppliers or drop-shippers
  • Get real time insight into orders and fulfillment data
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Launch B2B marketing storefronts for your clients in record time.

Whether it's a sophisticated store with complex business requirements or a straightforward pop-up store, our platform makes it easy and quick.

Plans start at $449 per month

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