Reporting and Dashboards

Visibility on every order, user and product.

Run standard and custom reports and gain granular insight into user activity, product demand, inventory levels, order status and shipments.

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storefront user controls

Create, schedule and share reports easily.

We provide over 40 standard reports, and each report is 100% customizable to fit your needs. You have the ability to add/remove columns, summarize and filter reports any way you wish.

Our reporting and tracking capabilities are built to enhance efficiency and control costs. Standard reports are available to track critical areas of your storefront. Reports such as usage, orders, shipping, inventory and more are provided to keep you informed on exactly what is going on and help you make educated decisions.

  • Export reports in different formats
  • Customize, add, delete, and edit reports
  • Schedule reports to run at any desired frequency
  • Deliver reports via email to any number of recipients


Over 70 different standard widgets offer visual information on inventory levels, order history, shipping costs, product demand and more. You can create, edit and customize dashboards to your preference and capture exactly what you want.

Inventory Alerts

Propago supports inventory alerts that can be sent to multiple buyer groups to keep you well informed on exactly what is going on with your inventory.

Launch B2B personalized stores in record time.

Whether it's a sophisticated web-to-print store with complex business requirements or a straightforward employee promo/apparel store, our platform makes it easy and quick.

Plans start at $449 per month

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