Web-to-Print Solution

Simplify print personalization and brand compliance.

Streamline the process of personalizing, proofing, and ordering print materials.

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Scale marketing and promotional efforts while keeping total control.

Pre-approved templates, print ready files, or variable data files, it doesn't matter. Propago makes it easier to access, personalize and order print marketing materials while keeping total control of the brand.

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Commercial printers: Offer clients customized portals configured to their specific needs.

Marketing teams: Give teams a simple way to manage and distribute marketing materials.

Multi-location business: Provide organization members across multiple locations access to approved corporate marketing materials.

Regulated companies: Offer companies in regulated industries like healthcare and finance a solution to control brand, legal and HR compliance.

web to print engine

Robust personalization engine.

Empower organization members to personalize creative assets with smart templates. You control what creative elements they can edit. Allow them to swap images, edit text, change layouts, and proof on the fly.

Auto-populate all variable data print assets with their personal information and give them the ability to choose from pre-approved data sets such as branch details, locations, services, pricing and more.

  • Support JIT, VDP, POD, upload, direct mail products
  • Auto-populate products using user profiles
  • Map any data such as locations and services to creative
  • Download digital proofs instantaneously
  • Control what creative elements can be edited
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Go beyond print products and services.

Manage and distribute print and other marketing products (promo, apparel, digital) while keeping total control over the brand, budget, and inventory.

  • Support any product type – print, promo, apparel, digital
  • Simplify how users access, find, and order branded assets
  • Connect vendors and streamline order fulfillment
  • Set approval workflows to ensure compliance
  • Maintain brand integrity across your entire marketing portfolio
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b2b online store fulfillment
b2b online store fulfillment

Connect producers and vendors and automate fulfillment and production.

Streamline fulfillment of orders generated from your marketing storefront with Propago’s built-in production, inventory and warehouse management tools.

Stay in control of the supply chain by connecting the vendors you prefer to the platform.

  • Production management
  • High volume fulfillment automation
  • Intelligent inventory forecasting
  • Analytics and reporting in real-time
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Automate production and fulfillment workflows.

We offer standard integrations with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment, Tax and other software solutions to automate more of your workflows.

We also support API access and custom integrations to fit your automation needs.

  • Connect to your other business software
  • Streamline internal workflows
  • Support clients’ integrations needs
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propago integrations

Launch B2B web-to-print storefronts in record time

Whether it's a sophisticated web-to-print storefront with complex business requirements or a straightforward company store, our platform makes it easy and quick.

Plans start at $449 per month

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