Offer your clients powerful marketing portals that can handle all of their marketing products.

Provide your operations team with an intelligent platform to handle the demand generated from those portals.

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The Single Platform that Enables Printers to Evolve!

Increase Top Line Revenue

Offer your clients a complete suite of products

Offer your clients a complete suite of services

Support your clients requested workflows

Increase your Bottom Line

Streamline Your Workflow

Minimize Human Touch Points

Handle High Order Volumes

Consolidate Disconnected Systems Into One

Increase Recurring Revenue

Enduring Solution Based Customers

Reduce Commodity Price Sensitivity

Expand Your Share Of The Customers’ Marketing Spend

Propago Portals Go Further

Pre-approved templates, print ready files, or variable data files, it doesn't matter. Propago makes it easier to access, personalize and order marketing materials while keeping total control of the brand.

Provide your clients with powerful marketing portals where they can bring any type of marketing product and make them available to their sales teams and other employees. Whether your clients favor print, promotional, wearable, or digital assets to promote their company, Propago handles anything elegantly.

    Standard Portal Features
  • Web-2-Print support
  • Powerful personalization engine
  • Intuitive order process
  • Brand Compliance
    Propago Portal Features
  • Ability to handle any type of product - elegantly
  • Granular user rights
  • Flexible approval triggers
  • Multi-layered approval workflows
  • Multifaceted budgetary controls
  • Comprehensive payment options
  • Digital asset management
  • Visual reporting dashboards
  • Robust ad-hoc reporting engine
  • And much more!
storefront personalization engine
storefront user controls

More than Just Pretty Storefronts

Propago gives your clients much more than just pretty storefronts. Propago gives them complete controls on what, who, when and how much can be ordered from their marketing portals.

Administrative controls such as brand compliance, budget constraints, approvals, inventory alerting, as well as customizable reporting are just a few of the many controls that can be configured in the system.

    Standard Portal Features
  • Centralize all marketing assets into a single portal
  • Handle any kind of product
  • Allow your clients to provide a seamless portal to their end users
  • Control brand compliance
  • Control inventory and budgets
  • Simplify distribution, ordering and production

Portals Are Just the Tip of The Iceberg

Optimize your infrastructure and workflow processes by having a complete solution to handle the demand from your clients.

Do you use Print on Demand, JIT, WIP inventory picks, kitting, or any combination of these? Propago handles of these methods inside one centralized platform which features a completely embedded warehouse management system (WMS). With easy to use configuration settings, control your production and warehouse locations, pick pack, as well as be able to know exactly where orders are in the process and inventory levels at any time.

    Standard Portal Features
  • Total production management
  • Efficient procurement management
  • Full warehouse management system (WMS)
  • High volume fulfillment automation
  • Intelligent inventory forecasting
  • Analytics and reporting in real-time
propago marketing storefront dashboards

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