Marketing Storefronts + Fulfillment

Marketing storefront solution for promo & apparel applications.

  • Create online storefronts quickly
  • Connect multiple vendors and producers
  • Support more business applications from clients
  • Streamline production and fulfillment
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Support more business applications and win more of your clients' marketing spend

Whether it is sophisticated company marketing storefront or a simple employee apparel store, offer your clients dedicated storefronts configured for their specific requirements.

Smart management tools as well as robust production/fulfillment tools empower you to support clients complex business requirements while optimizing production and fulfillment processes.

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Best for complex, long-term opportunities

  • Marketing asset management and distribution
  • Web-to-print
  • Corporate stores

Great for simple, short-term opportunities

  • Employee appreciation
  • Trade shows and promotional events
  • Fundraisers & team spirit
  • Holiday gifting
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Online stores configured for each of your clients

Provide your clients with powerful marketing portals where they can bring any type of marketing product and make them available to their employees or partners. Whether your clients favor print, promotional, wearable, or digital assets to promote their company, Propago handles anything elegantly.

  • Launch stores fast and easy
  • Win new business opportunities
  • Streamline order demand and fulfillment
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Robust production & fulfillment platform for a lean operation

Streamline the fulfillment of orders generated from client stores with Propago’s built-in production, inventory and warehouse management tools.

Intelligent order workflows ensure every order is routed to the right team, seamlessly coordinating all aspects of operations, including manufacturing, procurement, order and inventory management, kitting, pick and pack, and shipping.

If you do not produce something in house, connect other producers and feed them orders.

  • Gain speed and accuracy
  • Access operation data in real time
  • Plan and forecast demand
  • Reduce operational costs
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propago marketing storefront dashboards
propago marketing storefront dashboards

Automation & integration tools to connect your systems & save you time

We offer standard integrations with several MIS, ERP, Fulfillment, Tax, Marketing, Automation, and other software providers to automate more touchpoints for you.

We also support API access and custom integrations to fit your automation needs.

  • Connect to your other business software
  • Streamline internal workflows
  • Support clients’ integrations needs
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Launch B2B marketing storefronts for your clients in record time.

Whether it's a sophisticated store with complex business requirements or a straightforward pop-up store, our platform makes it easy and quick.

Plans start at $449 per month

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