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If you are happy with Propago and you know of any companies that would benefit using our technology and services, then a quick introduction could get $3,000 sent your way!

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The Rules (...there are not too many!)

1. Acceptance of the Lead

Within 14 days, we will review the lead and notify you if it is accepted. Leads can be rejected because:

-The lead was a customer of Propago at the time of submission of the lead.

-Propago was already involved in preliminary or advanced discussions with the lead.

2. Commissionable Leads

A sales lead qualifies as commissionable only if Propago has accepted the sales lead as described above.

-A sales lead will expire after 3 months from its acceptance.

3. Reward

Propago will pay a $3,000 finder’s fee for any active sales lead that becomes a paying Propago customer.

-The reward can be paid in the form of a credit towards Propago offerings -- OR --

-The reward can be paid directly to an individual. However, we do require a properly filled out W9 form to keep the IRS happy.


Get a referral started today. Click the link below if you know someone who would be a great fit for the Propago Platform.
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If you have any questions about Propago’s Referral Program, you can contact us at: or 512.522.2883