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Guarding the identity of your company or corporation is important. Controlling the usage of your company’s logos and slogans help maintain a strong marketing impression. Propago will help control your marketing .message by protecting all of your important marketing assets in a single marketing management platform where your employees, colleagues, and partners can access everything through an online marketing portal. You have full control on the accessibility of your products and users at all times.


Maintaining a tight marketing budget can be complex and time-consuming. Monitoring spending limits can also be tedious. Propago can relieve the stress of watching over marketing expenditures with features like order limits, spend limits, time-based limits, approval workflows and much more. With Propago as your budgetary watchdog, you can go back to focusing on your core strategies.


Effectively managing marketing asset inventory can have significant cost and user experience impacts. Propago can help you optimize inventory control and order management operations to improve profitability, reduce inventory, and decrease distribution expenses. Protect yourself by receiving automated alerts when products are running low in stock, over stock, or if there are any back orders. With Propago, you have full visibility of your inventory every step of the way.

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Allow your sales force, partners, and affiliates to access and order your physical marketing assets (as well as digital ones!) through a single storefront. Using the many customizing features and configurations, they will personalize any product to advocate your branding motives. With support for any type of product, Propago can manage anything from advertising rack cards to promotional stress balls.


Keeping up with hundreds(or thousands) of digital assets can be very complicated and laborious. Being able to find the right files for current sales opportunities is critical. Propago allows you to bring all of these important assets together, within a single platform. Your sales force and partners will always be a few clicks away from the exact files they need to promote your business.


Social media is an integral part of growing your business. Propago knows the importance of engaging the right audiences with valuable content. With advanced features like direct mailing as well as extensive personalization options like QR codes and pURLs (Personalized URLs), you can connect print and social media for any marketing campaign.



Enable your sales force, partners, and affiliates quick direct access to all of your marketing collateral through one powerful storefront. With Propago’s streamlined platform, finding and ordering the right products is smooth and simple.


You are too busy running your businesses to bother with complicated software installations and upgrades. That's why we put Propago in the cloud with nothing to install and nothing to keep up-to-date. Allow Propago to simplify your marketing management processes.


What if you could have all of your marketing management needs in one solution? Well, Propago provides you one point of access to all production, fulfillment, and reporting components within a single platform. Eliminate production inadequacies and reduce fulfillment inefficiencies with a streamlined solution with real-time visibility throughout the process.

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